Welcome to OSyM

The goal of this RCN is to provide avenues for organismal biologists and modeling experts to develop necessary collaborations to improve our predictive ability to understand organismal structure and function.  This RCN is also designed to provide researchers with the training needed to pursue new and exciting ways to explore cutting-edge questions in this emerging, but vital area of research on how animals balance maintaining stability while accommodating change.

OSyM will stimulate and support collaborations through several different mechanisms. It will support the develop perspectives papers on the benefits of these new integrative and quantitative models.  It will also provide support for symposia at national and international meetings of biologists, mathematicians and engineers. It will also create training opportunities that will allow biologists, mathematicians, modelers, and engineers at all levels to gain practical skills in applying them through training workshops as well as through research exchanges.

OSyM is committed to fostering diversity at all levels.  Developing a broad and diverse set of interdisciplinary collaborators is critical for the success of OSyM and for solving Grand Challenge questions in organismal biology. We encourage scientists, engineers and and modeling experts at all career levels and all types of institutions to join this network.

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